Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pre Admit Appt ~03/25/2014

Had my preadmit appt at hospital for surgery on the 4th of April.
Had to have bloodwork and ECG and a pregnancy test! LOL OMG!!
I'm not worried but it made me giggle....
I'm ok. I'm trying not to stress and worry and keep positive thoughts.
Will be in hospital approx. 4-5 hrs over the day and mom is going to take Gibby after school for the weekend so I don't have to stress and worry about him or anything else while I heal up.
It's going to be FINE!!! ...and hubby not back to work yet either so he will be here to take care of me while I rest and recuperate! :D


Second shot early.


One shot early.

Clinic ~03/11/2014

Clinic appt. got some idea when my surgery will be...and most levels ok.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Emergency App

Installed an emergency contact and med app on my new phone today! Oh yeah and did my fasting bloodwork this morning for clinic next week! 

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