Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 5 Stages of Kidney Disease

For those of you who may be curious or want to know.
Mine is brought about from PKD (polycystic kidney disease).
I am in stage 4.

Aranesp~ 02/27/2014

Taken today as well. Thank God because my energy has been very, very low. :S


YES I did take it...I remember getting Gib to bring it to me in bed along with other meds I had forgotten :S
during my 2 weeks of sickness from a cold...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bumps on the Path

It would seem that my journey towards dialysis is not going to happen as smoothly as I would like after all.
I was supposed to go tomorrow for a pre-admit appt at the hospital and then surgery on Fri. (Valentine's Day) but as of last Tues. I am SICK with a nasty cold and I don't believe I'm going to be ready for surgery by the end of the week. :( appt will be sometime in April...think positive and NOTHING is going to upset the apple cart between now and then...oh and that I AM going to survive this stupid cold!!
There are times when I wonder because I'm not a very happy camper. :(
I WANT time...for the catheter to be buried, to heal and to be READY whenever I DO need it.
At this rate I'm going to need it before it's ready!!
Of all the times to get a cold (when I have NOT caught one for a LONG, long time now) but it's the time when I MOST don't need to have one!!
SOOO frustrating!! Thanks universe, but I'm really done with roller coaster rides!! So...if you wouldn't mind backing off for awhile and not "helping" me that would be GREAT!!


yes i have taken this shot!