Saturday, November 23, 2013


Yep another shot into me.
Increased insulin a little bit and it seems to have helped sugars so I'm on track and somehow managing.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


OMG! It's shot day! Apparently my internal clock or whatever it is that learns to keep track (because I'm mentally deficient and  SO forgetful) is working because I woke up from a nap thinking, Hey! It's Thurs. and isn't it Aranesp day? and looked at my calendar which did NOT say so (because I forgot to put it in-no way to set for every two weeks) but I looked back 2 weeks and what do ya know? It IS shot day!
So I haven't taken it yet but it is sitting beside me getting to room temp so I will very soon.

Some parts of me are working and doing what they are supposed to! I'm often very distracted and very easily and always mind racing a mile a minute so it is hard to destress myself but, naps help because I can't be "busy" while I'm sleeping! Only then I have to stay up later cause I've slept half the day away...maybe I should rethink and redo and have a better system but ...whatever!